The Leggings Photoshoot Intake Form

First off, thank you for considering being a part of the inaugural Pickwick & Plum leggings fashion shoot. I'm looking for a few hearty souls to spend a Saturday (sometime in December or January) with me and a professional photographer (Joey Hamilton) shooting photos for my website & social media. If you truly hate the idea of having your photo taken, please just ignore this request or pass it along to someone who might be interested. No hard feelings. ALSO: if you don't mind your legs being in a few shots, we can do that. You'll see an option to click "No Headshots Please".

In order to plan the day, I need to know a few things that will help me figure out all the outfits. If I end up buying shoes, shirts or accessories for you, they are yours to keep, along with the leggings of course. You will have an opportunity to own the leggings for several weeks before the shoot in case you discover something in your existing wardrobe that you think goes well. We'll work together on building the outfit (I won't make you wear something you don't like!). I'm not sure I'm going to be able to afford a stylist so we will individually collaborate on what makeup and hair will suit YOU and the shoot.

A General Note on the Leggings
I see my leggings as something you'd wear going out, to replace wearing jeans or a skirt. The great thing about leggings is you can wear as long a top as you'd like - from oversized sweaters to tunics to tanks. They are made of a variety of sportwear fabric so you could work out in them - but I see them being worn out to eat - or traveling - or going to the museum. I want them to be noticed, I want people to ask you where you got them. They're quirky, meant to be seen.

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