About Pickwick & Plum

Photo of Shelly Caldwell of Pickwick and PlumHi! My name is Shelly Caldwell. I live and work in Portland, Oregon. Most of my living is made being a freelance web developer but in the winter of 2022 I started playing with Procreate on my iPad and fell in love with digital collage.  

I adore wearing leggings and so leggings seemed the perfect fit as a canvas for my artwork. I wanted to build a more fashion-forward brand instead of a sportwear one.  I see my leggings as something you’d wear to the museum, or out to dinner… leggings you work to pair with jackets, tunics, oversized blouses or sweaters. 

There’s a LOT of black leggings on the market, and they have their place. But they don’t really say anything about your personal style or spirit. I wanted legging designs that would stretch your wardrobe in interesting and unexpected directions. I encourage you to use my leggings designs as a jumping off point. Take them with you to local boutiques or second hand stores. It’s so much fun to mix and match! Find a combination you love and share it with the world.

Put something beautiful between your legs, and let’s dance!