Put something beautiful between your legs.

We offer a respite from boring black leggings. Just as versatile – but meant to be seen!
Designed by an artist, for the artist in all of us.

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Cosmic - Men's Leggings


Box-top - Shorts

Tempted - Shorts


No Place Like Home - Leggings with pockets

Lexie - Leggings with pockets

Serim - Capris Leggings


Avant - Capris Leggings


Monkey-pants Leggings


Lizard on Mango Leggings


Under the Deep Sea - Capris Leggings


The Sands - Capris Leggings


Giddyap - Capris Leggings


Sunny Disposition - Capris Leggings


The Gatsby Leggings

The Dodgy End - Brushed Leggings

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Sizing & Fit

Please see the size charts available here. Each style comes in the following sizes:

Pocketed: XS – 6XL
Brushed: XS – 2XL
Capris: XS – L
Children: 2T – 7

Men: XS – 2XL (and XL)
Specialty Plus: 2XL – 6XL
Shorts: XS – 3X (and XL)

In general, Brushed & Specialty Plus run large and you should consider ordering a size smaller than usual.  If you end up with a size that does not fit, please get in touch: shelly@pickwickandplum.com

Fabric & Care

All of the leggings are made with a combination of polyester and spandex, as you would expect. The Children’s, Men’s & Brushed Leggings are the softest and have the least amount of Spandex, followed by the Leggings with pockets and then the Specialty Plus & Capris with the most.

I’ve been washing mine normally with colors in warm water, with no ill effects.

Do not dry-clean; Do not iron; Do not bleach. (if you’ve been ironing your leggings, we need to have a talk 🙂


These are made on demand, which means they are not going to arrive as fast as we’ve become used to with Amazon. I use multiple manufactures, some in the US and Canada and others out of Asia. Each will have a different delivery speed.

If you order before December 10th, you should receive them by Christmas, however, I’m not 100% sure on the estimates provided by the manufacturers, as I am very new to this.

They will be shipped domestically and delivered in a nested plastic bag.  If you need to return the product, please use my link: http://shellyaftershipow.returnscenter.com